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What Does “Full Hookup” Mean At an RV Park?

So you’ve bought an RV — or you’re thinking about buying one and you don’t really know where to start. Totally understandable. We’re not all born RV experts, and when thinking about managing and maintaining a large mobile home like a recreational vehicle, it can seem a bit overwhelming. 

But we want to take away all that overwhelming stuff. Camping and vacationing with your RV should be about relaxing and taking a beat. Not about worrying. If you’re new to the RV life, a lot of RV parks in the Adirondacks and beyond will offer “full hookup” sites. But what does full hookup actually mean? (And not mean). We’ve broken down what it means for the newbie RVers out there, or for the folks looking to buy an RV and vacation this summer. 

Connecting your RV to modern amenities can really transform your camping experience. After all, running water and a hot cup of coffee in the morning can be the medicine you need while you take a break from your everyday routine.  

Here’s what’s typically included when we and other RV parks say “full hookup” for your RV. 

🔌 Electrical Hookups 

Electrical hookups can vary between parks. Also, the size of your RV accounts for the different amounts of power the vehicle will need. Some smaller RV’s only need 30 amps of power to have everything powered up, others require more. If you’re thinking of purchasing an RV, keep in mind how much amperage it needs. Some electrical hookups may limit how much electricity you can use at a given time. Makes sense. It may be best not to use the microwave and the electrical stove all at once. You’re out in nature, take it easy, and take your time. 

🚰 Water Hookups

Next on the list is water hookups. With water, you can flush your toilet, take a shower, and use both your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Connecting to a water hookup is helpful because you won’t have to tap into your water supply. 

It’s always important to make sure that water in a full hookup site is potable, this means that it’s OK to drink, brush your teeth with, etc. If you’d like some peace of mind, you can invest in a potable water hose that will ensure that your water is safe to drink. 

🚽 Sewer Hookups 

Definitely, the least appealing to talk about is sewer hookups. But when we gotta go, we gotta go! Having options for sewage is important, and absolutely something you want to keep in mind when connecting to a full hookup site. 

While some RV parks will offer sewer hookups, many have a centralized dumping station that is easier to maintain and nicer for the guest to enjoy. Investing in a good sewer hose is also super important. You don’t want to skimp on that and be sorry down the road. If there’s any an investment in your RV to make, it’s this. 

All RV parks are different and will have slightly different amenities to offer their guests. 

RV parks and campgrounds in the Adirondacks are beautiful places to take your family and vacation to. If you’re thinking about taking the road trip, or if you’re a local and just need to get away, we offer full hookup sites as well as campgrounds and cabins. 

Book your stay with us today and start your RV livin’. See a full list of sites we offer here. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have! 

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