Living the RV Life: How to Downsize and Live Life on the Road

If you’re ready to pack up your home and live life on the road then this article is for you. The RV life can be as magical as it seems, tiny living and big dreams await you. 

But when you want to convert to a smaller, minimal lifestyle on the road, where do you get started? When you’ve mastered how to live in a tiny home or RV, you’ll be on your way to true freedom. If leaving most of your belongings behind seems appealing to you, you may be on the path to gain both spiritual and financial freedom. 

So what do you need to do to get started? It all depends on when you’d like to downsize. If you’re planning to do it within the next year here is some advice on where to start, what to keep, and what to say goodbye to. 

1. Take Inventory 

If you’re not in a rush to downsize, then start by taking an inventory of what you currently have and how often you use it. Do you really need that tortilla warmer, or can you use a pot with a lid just fine? 

Celebrity chef Alton Brown says if a utensil in your kitchen only has one use, then it’s probably not needed. So say goodbye to that apple slicer, avocado knife, and all the other gadgets you have that only have a single-use. Multi-use products, utensils, furniture, and other household items are great to have when living on the road.

2. Purge

If you’ve bought your tiny home or are close to closing the deal, then it’s time to purge. Purging is the hardest thing, especially if you’re downsizing from a traditional house to a tiny home or RV. Listen to your gut, and be honest with yourself on the things you absolutely need and the things that are just “nice to have.” 

You can keep sentimental items, but don’t pack your space with them. (Unless that’s your thing, there really are no rules). But the more stuff you have, the harder it will be to navigate your tiny space. Which could also be a dangerous decision in the long run. 

3. Plan for flexibility 

If you’re not planning for flexibility, you may be doing this whole tiny livin’ thing wrong. Things happen on the road. Tires go flat. Engines need oil. Toilets break. Prepare for that sort of flexibility. Either by teaching yourself all you need to know to take care of the RV or save enough of a nest egg to have an emergency fund if and when you need to use it. 

4. Get used to the unconventional

If you’ve only got one drawer in your kitchen but a few in your fridge — then try using your fridge as storage for utensils. You’re living an unconventional life, so you can store and keep things anywhere that feels right to you. Your microwave could be a temporary home to your toothbrush if need be! 

Check-in with yourself on what you’re doing that is just molding to a status quo — and break it when necessary. The best part about living and downsizing to an RV is that you can make up your own rules to follow. 

Happy travels, friend! 

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