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Outer Space

 From paper mache solar systems to straw rockets, we will have a blast! Make a UFO from another planet or paint a glow in the dark solar system for your… Continue reading Outer Space

Hawaiian Luau

 Aloha! Lay back, crunch on some Hawaiian Ice in the sun and listen to the tropical music at the pool. That’s right pool side DJ! Its all tropical this week.… Continue reading Hawaiian Luau


 Ahoy, me hearties! Its going to be a swashbuckling week. Make your own treasure chest and if you’re lucky you may find some treasure to put inside during our treasure… Continue reading Pirate’s

Time Warp

Moonwalk back in time with us as we dash through the Decades. 60's, 70's and 80's that is.  Hair metal to bell bottoms and everything in between! How high can… Continue reading Time Warp