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4 Free Places To Park Your RV Overnight When On The Road

Driving an RV any distance takes some grit. And sometimes, you’re just ready to pull over and park on the side of the road so you can get some shut-eye. We understand. But it’s important to know that the side of the road typically isn’t a legal place to park your RV overnight. 

When you’re traveling from Point A to Point B, sometimes you need a break in the middle. Knowing where to park your RV overnight can save you a ton of money in the long run. RV parks in Upstate New York tend to be a little more spaced out than in more densely populated areas. 

Now, don’t expect full hookup sites when you’re parking your RV for free, it’s likely these places will allow you to spend the night and encourage you to hit the road the next day. So if you’ve got a big trip planned, here are some RV-friendly places that allow you to park overnight for free — or nearly free. 



Walmart parking lots are everyone’s go-to option when parking an RV overnight. Their 24/7 bright parking lot is a safe option to park your RV if you’re looking for a quick overnight rest stop. As a bonus, you can stock up on supplies if you’re running low on necessities. 

Lowe’s or Home Depot


Another nicely-lit parking lot, Lowe’s or Home Depot parking lots tend to be huge. They always have been work trucks driving in and out of them throughout the day, so at night you’re guaranteed to have plenty of room. 

Truck Stops 

Truck stops are a perfect option for taking an overnight break on the road. Like the big stores, they’re also typically lit up to promote safety. Truck stops can also offer you a chance to fuel up, stock up on snacks, and take a restroom break (if you’re not using your RV for that).

Cracker Barrel


Watch out, mom might want to stay here for the duration of your trip. Cracker Barrel is a seemingly unknown option when considering places to park your RV overnight. After a night in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, you can fuel up on some delicious comfort food for breakfast. But watch out, their famous store is known to keep people engaged for hours. Just sit on the rocking chair and enjoy the view. 

A Friend’s Driveway


Is this a cop-out? Maybe. But if you’ve got a friend on the way, check to see if you can post your RV up in their driveway overnight. Offer to take them out to dinner or breakfast, or buy them an ice-cold case of their favorite beer. If you’re lucky enough to have some friends on the way, then you can make some fun vacation memories with them. Just don’t say too long, especially if they’ve got a strict HOA. 


Parking your RV overnight doesn’t have to be a hassle when you’re still on the road. If you haven’t reached your destination and need a place to hang your hat for the night, consider one of these four spots. And if you’re looking for RV campgrounds, you’re always welcome at Camp Tin Box! 

Book a stay with us, we’ve got pull-through and back-in sites, both with beautiful pine-view and waterfront options.

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